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Inspired by the wild nature of Ireland and Northern Ireland, influenced by the local craftsmen and impelled by a background in arts, Neil saw an opportunity to create something truly unique with Neil Norton Design.

Our Story

Neil Norton grew up in Northern Ireland surrounded by beautiful landscape, inspiring architecture and skilled craftsmen. Once a full-time artist selling work in a market stall with a background in painting and restoration, it was only when he moved to London that Neil realised the quality and the design style he took for granted back home was something rare and less accessible.​ 


Neil noticed that while many kitchen and furniture brands presented themselves as bespoke, few were ‘truly bespoke’, with most abandoning made-to-measure furniture in favour of selling modular kitchens, often compromising on quality.​ 


And so, Neil Norton Design was born, not only to offer a completely personalised furniture design service for the home, but also to be a place where high quality, exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style is made accessible.

Neil Norton Design has garnered significant press coverage over the years, solidifying our reputation as a leading design company. Our work has been featured in high-profile publications such as Elle Decoration, Vogue Living, Architectural Digest and KBB, which have praised our unique and bespoke design.

Neil Norton in London Showroom with Dog Spud
drawing by Neil Norton

Our Factory

We pride ourselves on delivering a truly bespoke design service. Our workshop in Tralee, Northern Ireland, is a hub of creativity and craftsmanship, where we bring our interior design visions to life. Not only do we create our own designs, but we also collaborate with other interior designers to produce high-quality, bespoke pieces.


Our workshop is well-equipped and we have ample space to experiment with designs and materials. We have built excellent relationships with various producers, allowing us to source the finest and most unique materials for our projects. Our team of skilled artisans takes pride in their work and pays close attention to every detail, ensuring that each piece is crafted to perfection.


With our dedication to quality and innovation, our workshop is the ideal place for creating stunning and personalised interior designs that exceed our clients' expectations.

Working With Us

Working with an independent interior designer is a unique and exciting experience. Our team, led by owner Neil, brings a fresh and creative approach to the designs, drawing on Neil's background in the arts and his North Irish roots.


We are known for our great designs, attention to detail and love of challenges, which allows us to tackle any design project with enthusiasm and confidence. Our team all have in-depth technical knowledge of design creation, a talent for aesthetics and the creativity it takes to be a truly bespoke interior designer. We also pride ourselves on our positive work environment and the true enthusiasm we meet our clients and partners with. 


Our ability to seamlessly manage projects across different locations and make and install our own designs ensures a cohesive and personalised experience for our clients. We operate across England and Ireland with showrooms in London and Tralee.


Whether you're looking to revamp your kitchen or living space, we always want to make sure we impress with our innovative and truly bespoke designs.

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