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Our Services


Bespoke kitchen
+ furniture design


We make all our own
+ insourced designs in our workshop in Tralee, Ireland.


We install our own
+ insourced designs across the UK.

Our Process

Consultation Concept Design Site Survey Final Design Pack Assigned Production Slot Manufacture Installation 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1.

Neil Norton Design specialises in creating beautiful designs for kitchens and living spaces. We love taking an idea and bringing it to life and believe that imagination and collaboration brings the best result. To book your initial design consultation you can call us on 44 (0)20 8715 5575 (UK) or +353 66 712 1693 (Ireland) or email us at

To get started there are a few things we need from you in order to create your dream design. This is for technical design purposes as well as aesthetic ones and following is a list of things to prepare before your initial consultation.

This information creates the foundation for our collaboration and the design. It will be the first point of reference when designing and something we come back to during the various stages. 

The more information we have from you, the easier it will be for our designers to present a design you will love and move forward with. However, don’t worry if you miss something - we will also send you a questionnaire to make sure we have everything covered. 

  • Full address and name + project address if you do not live there.

  • Your time scale and rough budget. This is always a requirement.

  • A dimensioned room plan or video if you don’t have one. The room plan can be simply hand drawn and needs to include the windows, doors, ceiling heights, along with any other features that may hinder the placement of furniture. At a later stage we will measure this accurately before moving forward with the design.

  • Information about any structural work and if you need planning permission.

  • Will you be living at the address while the project is being carried out?

  • Wishlist of appliances, features and worktop material (this will affect your budget).

  • Wishlist and design inspiration photos. We highly recommend using Pinterest or Instagram to create an idea of what you like. Send across any links of inspiration.


Bespoke kitchen + furniture design

We love working with our clients to make the interior design of their dreams, whether that be a stunning new kitchen or a piece of furniture. We have a solid background in interior design both creatively and technically and know how to make a design into a reality. We pride ourselves in being well-rounded and independent in that way and love how that means we can take on various design visions and push boundaries. 

Interior design drawings
Best interior design in London


We make all our own + insourced designs in our workshop in Tralee, Ireland.

Our team in Tralee, Ireland are some of the best craftsmen. They know their field very well and have a certain ability to find ways of making designs that have never been made before. A part of their innovative ways have resulted in our custom-made fingerprintless paint, especially made for darker kitchens. Owner Neil travels between London and Tralee, which means he is heavily involved in both places. 

carpenter working in wood shop in tralee
carpenter working in wood shop in tralee


We install our design + insourced design across the UK.

We have excellent installation teams in both Ireland and the UK who install all our designs. This is included when working with us as we always make sure we install our own designs and joinery. For the quirkier designs, this means we can adjust and fine tune the furniture on site to fit perfectly within the space they are installed. 

Beautiful interior design
Beautiful interior design


We collaborate + make designs.

We regularly work with and assist other interior designer to complete their designs. Our strengths are problem solution, creative thinking and a practical approach to complete the designs and install them.

Beautiful interior design
Beautiful interior design

Get in Touch



167 Arthur Rd, London SW19 8AD

020 8715 5575

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday

10 am - 5.30 pm


Clash Industrial Estate,
Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland, V92 RCOV

00353 66 7121693

Opening Hours: 

By appointment

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