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Cottenham Kitchen

A vaulted ceiling haven of bespoke design.

This design is a harmonious blend of unique elements, showcasing the beauty of the vaulted ceilings and bespoke craftsmanship. With its walnut floating shelf running along the three walls, this kitchen exudes warmth and texture, perfectly complementing the main focal point of the space, the magnificent vaulted ceiling.


Vaulted ceilings are the epitome of architectural grandeur, and in the Cottenham Kitchen, they take centre stage. The lofty heights create a sense of openness and spaciousness, adding a touch of drama and elegance to the overall design. The walnut shelves replace traditional upper cabinets, allowing the vaulted ceiling to shine and become the true star of the space. The combination of the vaulted ceilings and walnut shelves creates a captivating aesthetic, making the Cottenham Kitchen a dream come true for design enthusiasts.

To further elevate the kitchen's allure, the Cottenham Kitchen features the popular Quooker tap, a testament to both style and functionality. This innovative tap provides instant boiling water, offering convenience and efficiency in the heart of the kitchen. Additionally, the inclusion of Buster and Punch light switches and a marble wall lamp adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, emphasising the attention to detail and high-quality finishes that define this design.


Above all, the Cottenham Kitchen is a testament to the client's vision and our commitment to turning their dreams into reality. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been entrusted with creating their dream kitchen. The result is a space that seamlessly combines elegance, functionality, and the allure of vaulted ceilings. The Cottenham Kitchen stands as a testament to bespoke design, where every element comes together to create an enchanting culinary sanctuary.

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