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The Foulser Kitchen

A light black kitchen oasis seamlessly blending with the outside.

Step into the realm of the captivating black The Foulser Kitchen, a perfect blend of modern design and functional artistry. This culinary haven seamlessly combines contrasting elements to create an alluring ambiance that is both lavish and inviting.


The focal point of this extraordinary kitchen is the luxurious Green Calcatta marble, its verdant veins across the countertops and creating a striking contrast against the black cabinets. The kitchen features a blend of crittall style doors with black matching handles and smooth cabinets creating a timeless look. As always, we have used our custom fingerprint-less technique to the paint of the black cabinets to ensure the luxurious feel isn’t smudged. 


The marble is backlit by the bar area to create an inviting ambiance for those late social evenings and the full-sized wine fridge stands as a testament to the fusion of sophistication and functionality.

One of our most revered features is the signature pantry – a treasure trove of coffee machines, toasters or the perfect spice rack. This bespoke space seamlessly blends form and function, providing ample storage while adding an element of intrigue to the kitchen's design.


The kitchen features many of the most popular appliances from Italian brand Barazza, including two ovens, the hob, sink with faucet and a warming drawer seamlessly placed under the ovens to keep the plates warm. 


In a nod to functionality, a discreetly designed cabinet conceals the electrical meter, ensuring that even the most utilitarian elements are seamlessly integrated into the overall aesthetic.

A unique feature of this kitchen is the expansive crittall style doors that gracefully fold into the garden beyond. With a seamless blend of tiles from the interior to the exterior, this design choice blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, creating a truly immersive experience. The identical tiling both inside and outside enhances the fluidity of this transition, inviting nature in and extending the kitchen outside.

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